About the Project

Our project (Ecology Constructively) is to raise eco-awareness and shape eco-attitudes through promotion of sustainable development in groups who have a decisive voice in urban development (public administration, investors as well as architects and urban planners).
We are going to achieve this through a series of three interactive conferences that will take place in various locations in Poland. The conferences are especially addressed to:

  •  public administration, including local governments
  •  entrepreneurs and investors
  • architects and urban planners

The conferences will be accompanied by educational activities for children from local primary schools.
Each conference shall be dedicated to a different aspect of sustainable development of urban areas. The final conference will also serve as a summary of the whole series and an opportunity to present project outputs. Unlike most similar initiatives that are addressed to limited audience, our project gathers in one time and one place the crucial participants involved in putting sustainable development principles into practice. This is truly unique!
Innovative approach of our project  is to reach simultaneously all stakeholders that have influence on sustainable development, exchange of experience, as well as finding solutions on constructive interaction, interdependence and cooperation of the target groups.
The project was born on the grounds of common ignorance on appropriate methods and tools in the context of Europe 2020 Strategy, the new Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 or best practices in terms of:

  • practical, coordinated and holistic implementation of sustainable development principles by various target groups
  • solutions on constructive interaction, interdependence and cooperation of the target groups.

PROJECT TIME FRAMEWORK: 1 July 2014 – 31 August 2015  ORGANIZER: NFOŚiGW  – National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management  BENEFICIARY: Collegium Mazovia – Innowacyjna Szkoła Wyższa  ul. Sokołowska 161, 08-110 Siedlce, Poland
www.mazovia.edu.pl   BUDGET:  1.073 234 PLZ (up to 85% financed by NFOŚiGW).



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