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Ecology Constructively is not only about getting ready for the conferences. We are also working on educational posters that present the most interesting urban solutions of sustainable development in Europe.

The posters show places in Europe where sustainable development and spatial planning are applied daily. Cities, neighborhoods and streets that make a good example are also well described on our website in Best practices section. Take a look!

Best practices are the most interesting examples of sustainable development ideas implemented in real life. We present European cities, districts or single squares and streets that can inspire others. They show what it is like to live in a sustainable and well thought out urban environment.

Materials are from educational posters that are being made under the project Ecology Constructively. The posters will be displayed during conferences held under the project.


ECOLOGY CONSTRUCTIVELY – Sustainable Development of Urban Areas


Bad Belzig – ZEGG Ecovillage

Hafen City – an exemplary model of urban development

Regeneration of riverside Brussels Greenfields

Brussels – passive office buildings

Safe city in the concept of shared space

BedZED – sustainable housing estate

Ecological building Daintree

Energy production in the closed waste management process

Vertical plant growing in cities

Material and immaterial regeneration of the historic building Lazareti

Cottonera – renewal of former docks area

La Valetta – regeneration of urban areas

SmartAarhus – intelligent city model

Aarhus – water and sewage management

Lystrup – adaptation to climate change

Architectural and urban regeneration in historic city center

The revival of culture, tradition and education

Socioeconomic regeneration

Waste management

Venice – regeneration of the Arsenal

Social inclusion in the green water transportation system

Kosovo – participatory planning urban public space

Kosovo – participatory planning natural environment

Kosovo – participatory planning renewal of school facilities


The posters are available in polish version only.

This material has been published thanks to the financial support of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The sole responsibility for its contents lies with Collegium Mazovia.




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