Each conference shall be dedicated to a different aspect of sustainable development of urban areas. The final conference will also serve as a summary of the whole series.
The subjects of the whole project covers the full range of domains that all together define the sustainable development of urban areas, especially in the context of necessary adaptation to climate change:

  •  Presentation of best practices from sustainable city planning. Promotion of cities friendly to their inhabitants and natural environment.
  • Rain water management, insufficient retention in cities, regeneration of small water bodies. Regeneration and expansion of green areas to prevent urban heat islands.
  • Rational management of city space and infrastructural investment planning.
  • Health policies and health care in the context of climate change. Low CO2 strategies in cities.
  • Sustainable transport (trams, trolleybuses, gas and energy driven buses, cars etc.)
  • Summary of all three regional conferences. Defining a sustainable city, especially in the context of climate change.




wheel of prosperity

źródło: State of the World's Cities Report 2012/2013