Target groups and project range

The project has an all-Poland range, while in terms of the subject matter, it is of international character. The promotion of the project shall cover all Europe. The project is to reach 20000 people from the target groups, including:

  • 10 275 architects – members of the Polish Chamber of Architects
  • 300 urban planners – members of the Polish Association of Urban Planners
  • 8 625 public administration officials (heads of provinces, communes, cities and towns as well as relevant units of local authorities) from:

-16 Province Offices in Poland

– 380 Districts in Poland

– 2479 Communes in Poland

  • 800 investors – representatives (CEOs, operational directors, etc. – on average 4 people from each of 200 developer companies in Poland).

The total number of direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project: 290 832.




wheel of prosperity

źródło: State of the World's Cities Report 2012/2013