Monthly Archives: March 2015

Task groups in worshop session

The second day of the conference was just as busy. The aim of the so called triangular task groups was to learn how to reach reasonable compromise between interest groups in an investment process. The participants were assigned to symbolic groups of investors, public officials and planners. The facilitators (this role was played by the speakers from Day 1) made triangular task groups composed of investors, public administration representatives and planners and then ran through the task prepared in advance. The task was about negotiating an investment offer that would be the best possible solution for all parties of the process.

Action plan rather than a wish list – summary of Conference Day 1

In Scandic Hotel, located near a well known building of Renoma shopping center in Wrocław, Day 1 came to an end. The lectures and presentations listed on the agenda of the regional conference on Friendly City Planning were ticked off. All participants showed up and remained until the end at full strength, which is an expected consequence of the chosen meeting formula. Speakers’ talks interwoven with film presentations kept the audience away from weariness and let everybody stay focused and intellectually efficient – quite a feat in a nine-hour concentration need.