Cash for Clunkers Strategy of Destroying Working Assets

After having given away billions faster than even the optimists had anticipated, it was announced today that the federal government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program is coming to an early end. But, based on the standards of economic analysis which prevail in Washington, Wall Street and academia, the program must be considered a master stroke of public policy.

About Ecology Constructively

„Cities and urban matters addressed by frequently changing dignitaries could not bring themselves to run development policies that would leave sustainable and numerous mementoes or would not hinder the intentions of generations to come”.

Eng. Eugenjusz Porębski, 1930

Ecology Constructively is an educational project managed by Collegium Mazovia Innovation University together with the Polish Chamber of Architects and the Territorial Development Institute. Its aim is to promote sustainable development in groups that have a decisive voice in the shape and future of urban areas.

As healthy as… a solvent

It works great and easily removes varnish from various surfaces. And it’s green. Obviously not in terms of color, but its ecological properties. Polish scientists invented an extraordinary solvent that is neither carcinogenic nor detrimental to the environment.

More ozone

The World Meteorological Organization has good news – the ozone layer has shown signs of recovery. The first time in three decades.

For many years scientists have thundered that human activity damages the ozone layer and contributes to the ozone depletion. They have appealed to limit polluted emissions and to protect the environment. After 30 years, the solutions protecting the Earth have finally brought positive effects. The ozone layer has started to increase.

Scandinavians consume… the most energy

The inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries are record holders in the amount of energy consumed per capita, as the NASA reported.

Sparsely populated countries like Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden are at the top of the list of countries that use the most energy per capita per year.

Life Science Park opened in Kraków


10.10.2014 Technologies

On Thursday, October 9th Life Science Park was opened in Kraków. Three modern buildings intended to be used by companies engaged in research in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and medicine.