Life Science Park opened in Kraków


10.10.2014 Technologies

On Thursday, October 9th Life Science Park was opened in Kraków. Three modern buildings intended to be used by companies engaged in research in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and medicine.

‘Ecological bomb’ from Komorniki is to disappear soon

The hazardous waste landfill in Komorniki (Kleszczewo Commune, Greater Poland) will be eliminated even this year. The County of Poznań and the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poznań will pay 2.4 million zlotys for its removal.

Civil Initiatives for the Environment supported with 5 million zlotys

Maciej Grabowski, the Minister of Environment announced on Friday the launch of a pilot program that will support civil initiatives for the environmental protection and sustainable development. The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management allocated 5 million zlotys for local activities to help protect the environment.

Researchers need money

Research institutes suffer from financial problems.  State subsidies have been considerably reduced. At the Parliamentary Committee meeting, representatives of research institutes called for increasing governmental grants.

Bison is coming back!

The Polish statuesque bison is the pride not only of Białowieża Forest but of the whole country as well. After 85 years of struggling, the scientists managed to provide the species with relative security.

Architecture serves the balance

Urban sustainable development is not only about preserving the greenery in the concrete surroundings. It is also about sustainable construction that provides inhabitants with comfort, does not ruin their budgets or hurt the urban spatial plan.

What do we know in 2014 about Europe 2020, or what does EU groom for its citizens?

Today we understand how important it is to implement sustainable development ideas systematically all over the world – it is the only chance for present generations not to ruin the Earth for those to come. The EU for years has put great emphasis on actions that are in line with the sustainability concept. One of key documents that guarantees implementation of these ideas is the Europe 2020 Strategy.