Organizers and Partners

ORGANIZER: NFOŚiGW – National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
PRIORITY PROGRAM 7: Eco-education
CALL NO.: 1/2013
CATEGORY 1: Sustainable development of urban areas
INITIATIVE TYPE: Congresses and conference of national and international range
BENEFICIARY: Collegium Mazovia – Innowacyjna Szkoła Wyższa
ul. Sokołowska 161, 08-110 Siedlce, Poland

Institute for Territorial Development (IRT),
IRT is an independent public administration unit of the Lower Silesia local government structures. It deals with the development policy and spatial planning. Strategic activities of IRT include:

  •  Providing solid and complex expertise on territorial development
  • Establishing and maintaining cooperation in terms of territorial cooperation
  • Stimulating development initiatives based on principles worked out and promoted by the Institute.

The project profile is in line with IRT activity that includes charting directions for sustainable development, implementing its principles, spatial planning, space development, environmental protection as well as educational, informative, promotional and editing initiatives in the domain. Furthermore, the Institute concentrates on encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation with public authorities, investors and local communities in terms of territorial development policies, exchange of good practices with institutions and other units that act for territorial development. IRT also offers assistance in conflict solving related to spatial planning, which in the context of this project seems to be of extreme value.
The Institute cooperates closely with relevant units of Lower Silesia Administration, local governments, the Government, public partners and other stakeholders that act for social, economic, spatial and natural development.

Polish Chamber of Architects (IARP).

Its structure composed of 17 regional offices (i.e. the National Council together with 16 Regional Chambers) guarantees all-Poland range of the project. Under section 8 of the IARP by-laws, the Chamber cooperates closely with the Chamber of Urban Planners and the Polish Chamber of Engineers with reference to activities common to those organizations. The Chamber also cooperates with the Association of Polish Architects SARP and other associations and organizations that have common goals and join forces in actions that promote professional education and competence improvement of their members.
Moreover, IARP will provide widespread promotion of the project both, in Poland and abroad, by its membership in Visegrad Group (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) and by direct contacts with professional bodies in EU countries.
The project will be also promoted in professional bulletins and in a national magazine Zawód:Architekt (eng. Profession:Architect), a bimonthly of 12 500 copies, distributed among a wide range of target grous such as: public administration, including local governments, entrepreneurs, investors, architects and urban planners.
IARP will also promote the project on its website and through a link to the project website.




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