Architectural and urban regeneration in historic city center

Syracuse in a beautiful ancient city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which in turn imposes restrictions for urban regeneration initiatives and investments. After the war, the city was affected by a strong economic decline and considerable decrease in the population rate. Three films show excellent examples of multi-faceted urban development.


In terms of architectural and planning redevelopment, the film Italy, Syracuse – Ortigia – architectural and urban regeneration in historic city center presents the transformation of deprived areas into attractive places for the inhabitants and tourists; a project focused not only on facades and the superficial urban tissue but also on rejuvenating the solitary parts of the city background – courtyards and shady corners. It is about the revitalization of Bottari Square together with the adjoining streets and courtyards. The project aim was to delineate a contemporary road on the ancient stenopòs. A partly reconstructed original layout of roads helped uncover and make available the most precious architectural remnants of the ancient times. The deserted inner urban space became a vibrant venue where new initiatives multiply rapidly.

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