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Dust pollution in Warsaw exceeds the permissible level

In mid April, in the Center of Warsaw, the permissible level of harmful substances was exceeded. The harmful substance is suspended dust PM10 (polluted particles with the diameter of up to 10 micrometers). The regional Inspectorate of Environmental Protection (Wojewódzki Inspektorat Ochrony Środowiska) warns that in near future the following substance levels will be exceeded as well: PM 2.5 (pollutants with the diameter of up to 2.5 micrometer), benzopyren and nitrogen dioxide. It will refer to the whole city of Warsaw and other towns and cities in the Mazowsze region. The reason behind exceeded levels of harmful substances is most of all coal and domestic waste used as heating fuel by individuals as well as vehicle transport.

What did the speakers talk about at the conference in Wroclaw?

The conference in Wrocław was assessed by its participants as very successful. Both, the format (speeches interwoven with films showing best practices in sustainable development) and the organization. The attendees of the Wrocław conference called “Friendly city planning” had an opportunity to read abstracts of all presentations. Every speaker was well prepared for the speech. Here are the abstracts:

The scent of a big city

How joyful it is to wander narrow streets of a historical city from one kingdom of scent to another![1] says Juhani Pallasmaa in his book about architecture and senses.

The scent of a city builds its flavour and identity, even if its quite peculiar, for example in a musty Venice or backstreets of old towns with sour and oliy smells coming from the back of restaurants and bars.

2012 Rio de Janeiro – UN declaration “The future we want”. Poverty as the biggest global challenge

In June 2012 representatives of over 100 countries met at another Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro called “Rio+20”. Within the period of 20 years, i.e. since the previous meeting – the global population has risen from 5.5 bn to nearly 7 bn. Along with the growth, the number of global challenges has increased too, e.g. extreme poverty, existence of 2.5 bn people in primitive conditions with no access to basic sanitary facilities or rising emmission of greenhouse gases which threatens one third of living species with extinction.

Future We Want – 3 years ago

The General Assembly, Recalling its resolution 64/236 of 24 December 2009, in which it decided to organize the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development at the highest possible level in 2012, as well as its resolution 66/197 of 22 December 2011, Rio de Janeiro.